The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861‑1865 is a not-for-profit organization formed to unite the daughters, granddaughters, great granddaughters and all female direct lineal descendants of honorably discharged soldiers and sailors of the Union Army and Navy, or Marine Corps and Revenue Cutter Service, as well as those who died or were killed while serving in the armed services of the Union between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865. We honor the men and women who fought for the preservation of our Nation during the American Civil War.

The DUVCW is dedicated to promoting education and patriotism and to perpetuating the memory of ancestors who served our Nation during the Civil War. This organization honors all Veterans through service projects that benefit the public at the local, state and national levels. The DUVCW names it’s “tents” after women of the Civil War period, generally they are nurses. Our Cornelia Hancock Tent 91 is the first DUVCW tent organized in the San Fernando Valley, California.


Was one of the youngest female volunteer nurses at Gettysburg.

Cornelia Hancock Tent 91

Our Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War Tent Charter.

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