Andrew Patrick

Pvt., 173rd Ohio Infantry 1834-1881 Andrew Patrick was born in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada on 18 June 1834. Andrew’s father, Samuel Patrick, was born in Scotland about 1810 and after traveling to Canada he became a barge pilot on the Erie Canal, where he met his future wife Sarah Kyle, a cook on the same

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John Harwood Pierce

Pvt., 11th Illinois Cavalry 1848-1925 Tent 89 Barbara Case John Harwood Pierce (1848-1925) was a man who led many separate lives. He started life as the child of New England Christian missionary pioneers on the edge of Indian Territory in the Canadian frontier. He ran away from home when he was 11 years old and

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Walter Robert Poage

Pvt., 42nd Missouri Infantry 1834-1920 In Walter Robert Poage, my 3rd great grandfather was born on 30 October 1834 in Paris, Monroe County, Missouri. His parents were Thomas Goodson Poage (1812-1893) and Mary Marshall Maxey (1815-1853). He had 3 sisters, Eliza, Mary Jane, and Margaret. He had one brother, John. On February 1, 1855 he

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Albin Stewart Polk

Cpl., 9th Kentucky Cavalry 1835-1922 In My great great grandfather was born to parents Wilson John Polk & Roseanna Howsley on February 17, 1835. He was born and raised on the family farm in Hardin County Kentucky. Albin was one of 11 children, the 4th child, and the 3rd of 6 sons. At the age

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Ariel Roscoe Prescott

Cpl., 9th Maine Infantry GAR – Captain Matthews Post 69, Missouri 1838-1913 Ariel Roscoe Prescott, born August 28, 1838, was the youngest of seven children born to Aaron and Ruth Brown Prescott of Vienna, Kennebec County, Maine. On September 21, 1861, at the age of twenty-three, Prescott enlisted as a corporal in Company G, 9th

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