Aaron Henry

Pvt., 203rd Pennsylvania Infantry
GAR – Abraham Lincoln Post 10, Nebraska

Pictured here is Aaron Henry with his second wife Susan Elizabeth (Sleeger). They were originally from Highville, Pennsylvania.

When Henry’s first wife died, she left three, possibly four, children, but there is no follow up information on her, or her children. But, Aaron and Susan had four children, where one died as a baby. One of their daughters and a granddaughter were also named after Susan. The Henry’s traveled to Nebraska by way of a covered wagon and it might be presumed that the above photo was taken on the porch of their home. Aaron was a farmer, and it is most likely that Susan was a homemaker, as was traditional in those days.

Cornelia Hancock Tent #91 is proud to state that Aaron Henry is the GRANDFATHER of one of our members. Only one generation lies between the Henrys and our DUVCW member!

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