Andrew Jackson Cleek

1st Sgt., 6th Missouri Cavalry

Cleek was born 12 Apr 1830 at Scott Co., VA. He was
married 09 Dec 1852 to Sendora Emaline Salsbury in Buchanan Co., MO. He
died 30 Dec 1920 near DeSoto, Johnson Co., KS. There children were:
Caroline, Luvina, Mary, Alice, William, Laura, Ivy, and Emma.
Andrew Jackson Cleek enlisted 04 Feb 1862 as a Corporal in Company D,
Regiment 6 in the Cavalry of the State of Missouri. His service ended
22 March 1865 with a rank of 1st Sergeant.

While he was in the Army, his wife moved the family near Lawrence,
KS where his children observed Quantrill’s raid and watched Lawrence
burn from their rooftop.

His obituary reads, “The circumstances attending his enlistment showed
him a man with the courage of his convictions.”

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