Gipson Agnew Mundorff

Pvt., 57th Illinois Infantry

Born in Pennsylvania in 1847, young Gibson Mundorff enlisted as a Private, Company G, 57th Regiment, Illinois Infantry on December 8, 1864. His company disbanded and he mustered out on July 7, 1865. His father, John P. Mundorff and brothers, William and Henry also served. Having survived the war, he married Mattie Bell n1883 at Loyalhanna, PA. They had four children who were all born in PA.

During the Johnstown Flood of 1889, Mattie and Gipson were expecting their first child. During the flood, she went into labor, and as the water rose, Gipson tied a boat to the upstairs window near her. The baby girl was born just before they were forced to evacuate. Unfortunately, the Mundorffs lost their little girl and all their belongings in the flood.

In 1906, the family went by train to Oklahoma territory where they settled in Guthrie. There, they speculated in land and later they ran a hotel. Gibson said he wanted to live to be 80 years old, so on his 80th birthday, he dressed in his best suit, walked to the barbershop, and got a shave and a haircut. He then walked home, laid down on his bed and died. His wish fulfilled, September 18, 1927.

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