Aaron Henry

Pvt., 203rd Pennsylvania Infantry GAR – Abraham Lincoln Post 10, Nebraska 1846-1927 Pictured here is Aaron Henry with his second wife Susan Elizabeth (Sleeger). They were originally from Highville, Pennsylvania. When Henry’s first wife died, she left three, possibly four, children, but there is no follow up information on her, or her children. But, Aaron

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William Wallace Higgins

Bugler, 6th Kansas Cavalry GAR – Burden Post 172, Kansas 1846-1911 Tent 91 Barbara “Bobbie” Ledgerwood William Wallace Higgins Bugler, 6th Kansas Cavalry 1846-1911 My grandfather, William Wallace Higgins, was born in Howard County, Missouri to Philemon and Lucinda Witt Higgins on April 23, 1846. He was left an orphan at age 6, when his

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John D. Hiner

Pvt., 103rd Pennsylvania Infantry 1847-1914 On March 22, 1865, at Roanoke Island, young John D. Hiner enrolled with the 101st Pennsylvania Infantry, serving to fill the depleted ranks of the 101st after the majority were captured at Plymouth, North Carolina. Little is known about the early life and Civil War service of John D. Hiner,

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William Hogue

Cpl., 23rd Iowa Infantry Gunshot wound casualty 1824-1863 William Hogue was born on April 3, 1824 in Vigo County, Indiana, probably in Terra Haute. Not too much is known of his childhood. William, according to “family lore” was in the Mexican War in 1846 to 1846, and, evidently married right after that, on August 17,

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